AZM (에이지엠)

Because Kpoppin’ is having artist previously featured on the blog in the studio this week. I decided to do this new artist from last week.


AZM was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. AZM (에이지엠) debuted in 2018 under Innok Entertainment.

Eunji (은지) – Vocalist
Yejin (예진) – Rapper
Yookyung (유경) – Main Vocalist
Suhyun (수현) – Maknae, Vocalist


– Yejin speaks some English. Eunji speaks Chinese. As a group they can speak some Brazilian Spanish.
– When they first met Yejin and Yookyung were the hardest for Eunji and Suhyun to approach.
– Suhyun is from Busan, South Korea.
– It was very cold day in January in the wee hours of the morning when they filmed their debut music video for ‘Edge.’
– AZM stands for A to Z Music.
– Suhyun is good with inline skates, and is an athletic girl but had issues with roller skating in the music video.
– Yejin has the most energy and is very random and spontaneous. She will randomly for no reason at all start winking at Suhyun. Her randomness is what the members love about her.
– The day they recorded the audio for ‘Edge’ it was cookie day in Korea. They were able to give cookies to each other and their management.
– Eunji is always on the move and doing something. She is rarely seen resting and doing nothing.
– The members think Yejin is the most out there, and the least like a girl group member.
– Suhyun is the Search Queen of the group. First thing in the morning she checks the search trends and the lastest news on who’s dating who.
– The most fashionable members are Yookyung and Yejin. Yooykyung goes back and forth between street clothes and blouses. Yejin knows her body type and what works best for it.
– Eunji and Suhyun are frequently reminding Yookyung to be more lady like. They are also reminding Yejin to mind her vocal volume.


Live Performance::

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