W24 was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star and Live with DJ Sam. W24 is a boy band that debuted in 2018 under J-army Entertainment (제이아미엔터테인먼트).

Jonggil (종길) – Leader, Drummer
Howon (호원) – Vocalist
Aron (아론) – Keyboardist
Yoonsu (윤수) – Guitarist
Jiwon (지원) – Maknae, Bassist


– Howon introduced himself in English and Spanish.
– They live together in a dorm.
– Three members have already finished their military service.
– Singing and Dancing is a song to bring those childhood dreams out.
– Jiwon is in charge of lighting in the dorm.
– Yoonsu was really into football, but started playing guitar with a friend in middle school.
– Jiwon started learning Bass freshman year of high school. Howon started singing with choir when he was younger. Jonggil started playing drums in church in middle school.
– One thing they can’t live without is water.
– Howon would like to play the drums. After seeing Jonggil play drums he wanted to learn how to play them.
– Jonggil wrote ‘Always missing you,’ and it’s about wanting to get out and getting some fresh air.
– Aron gets his inspiration from life experiences, and thinks a lot about the message he wants to give to those who listen to songs he wrote.
– Jiwon listens to Day 6 in the shower.
– Jonggil’s hidden talent is his British accent.
– Howon’s Spanish name in Juan (in English = John).
– ‘Wanna Know You’ is actually about wanting to get to know someone.
– Aron loves sleeping, and is the hardest to wake up.
– Yoonsu really likes western band such as Snow Patrol, and Coldplay.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind W24?
A: It stands for World 24 which is short for world time 24 hours. Other potential names were One Way, and Luminent.

Q: How did you become a group?
A: Jonggil asked Aron to help him with a project. Jiwon came with Aron, then Yoonsu and Howon joined after being introduced to Jonggil by one of his friends.

Live Performance::
Singing Dancing

널 알고 싶어 (Wanna know you)

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