Hyungseop & Euiwoong (형섭X의웅)


Hyungseop and Euiwoong were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Hyungseop (형섭) and Euiwoong (의웅) debuted in 2017 under Yuehwa Entertainment Korea.

Hyungseop (형섭) – Vocalist
Euiwoong (의웅) – Maknae, Vocalist

Hyungseop and Euiwoong

– They are still in high school. They also live together.
– Hyungseop likes to play frisbee at recess.
– When they debuted they were promoting around the time Taemin was and they were in awe to see him up close.
– A fan from the Philippines called in and said they were like Sprite, light and refreshing.
– If Hyungseop were to pick a color for love it would be a light pink, because it fits his image of love. Euiwoong said sky blue, because it reminds him of a spring-like love.
– Euiwoong likes to hear fans say he has improved. Hyungseop wants to hear fans say they want to see his tomorrow more than his today.
– Hyungseop loves his neck especially his Adams apple, because it makes him look very manly.
– Euiwoong thinks his charm is his eyes. Sometimes he gets a double eyelid in one eye.

Hyungseop and Euiwoong

Q & A::
Q: Are there any concepts you would like to try in the future?
A: Hyungseop wants to try different concepts with Euiwoong featuring. Euiwoong wants to try Seventeen’s 아낀다 (Adore U) concept with Hyungseop featuring. Euiwoong likes those bright and cute concepts.

Live Performance::
너에게 물들어 (Love tint)

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