Eric Nam (에릭남)


Eric Nam was in the Kpoppin’studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Eric Nam (에릭남) debuted in 2011 and is currently under B2M Entertainment.

– He thinks his album is perfect as is. He challenges anyone to find an album with the same range of musical styles.
– When Eric is dancing he doesn’t time when he grabs croch.
– Between his two best friends he couldn’t choose which one to go on a trip with. in the end he choose Henber (Henry and Amber).
– Eric writes all his songs in English first.
– He met Woody Gochild a couple months before he was featured in Potion.
– He would loves to work with Bruno Mars.
– Of all the potential titles for the album Honestly made the most sense. It was also the name they kept coming back to when trying to find a title.
– Eric’s nickname is Nation’s Boyfriend.
– Eric wears a lot of black but doesn’t believe black is a color. He calls it a shade.
– If he couldn’t be a musician right at this moment he would probably be an MC or news anchor.
– He loves Latin style and is currently in communication with several different artist about putting possibly doing something together.
– Eric says staying true to his original dream is very important.

Eric Nam

Q & A::
Q: Would you ever open a restaurant or go into managing other artist?
A: Right now he feels he is not in the right position to do so. But in the future, who knows?

Q: Plans for the nearby future?
A: He has a tour coming up with stops in Singapore in May, USA in June, and South East Asia near the end of summer.

Interview Footage::

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