Oppa Ddal (오빠딸)


Oppa Ddal was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Oppa Ddal (오빠딸) is a rock band that debuted in under Mirrorball Music.

Cho Guchoo Jung (초고추 정) – Leader, Guitarist, Vocalist
Choibul (최벌) – Keyboardist, Tambourine, Water bottle (makes music with it)
Young Eui Jung K (영의정 K) – Bassist
Yooksu The Max (육수더맥스) – Maknae, Drummer

oppa ddal

– Young Eui Jung is a type of hat from the Josun era that He were for a performance and the name stuck. The K stands for his last name Kim.
– Cho Guchoo Jung is in charge of speaking.
– Yooksu is like a liquid, because Yooksu sweats a lot he was given the name Yooksu The Max.
– Choibul was busking as a solo artist when he was approached about joining a band.
– Before becoming a band four years ago the members (Yooksu, Young Eui Jung K, Gochoo Jung) didn’t know how to play their instruments.
– Cho Go Choo Jang is a sweet and spicy paste, but he changed it to Cho Go Choo Jung because his last name is Jung. He considers himself a sweet and spicy person.
– Young Eui Jung K would like to get rid of his habit of sleeping too long. The longest he has slept is 18 hours.
– Yooksu is good at a ham egg and cheese dish (A/N: sounds like a sandwich to me.) , but not soups.
– They have a rehearsal space that holds 40 people. Every month they hold a small concert there, and the money earned pays the rent and feeds them.

(A/N: I would like for Choibul to talk more in their next interview.)

oppa Ddal

Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind the team name?
A: The name is short for Oppa bought strawberries (오빠는 딸기를 살았어). There was a time when girls were really into strawberries. They are saying their music is like strawberries, and for you to let them in.

Q: What kind of song is 살랑 살랑?
A: It is a spring song. Tittle is used to describe the sound of the breeze.

Live Performance::

향기로운 여자 (fragrant woman)

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