Lee Changmin (이창민)

lee changmin on arirang radio

Lee Changmin was in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Lee Changmin debuted in 2008 as a member of 2AM. He made is now a solo artist under JYP Entertainment.

– He confuses English and Japanese often.
– When traveling the one thing Changmin never forgets to pack is sneakers and work out.
– He works everyday even if he has to go without sleep, except when he is drunk.
– Changmin was worried about being able to fill the stage with his presence alone without his members.
– He has never been 100% satisfied with his singing skills and is always looking to improve.
– Changmin made Eddy Kim’s 예쁘니까 (Your so pretty).
– If he had a super power he would like to teleport to where the fans are and see them in person and sing for them.
– He doesn’t go to karaoke rooms anymore only about once a year.
– He went to Thailand many times, but only one of the trips was for a vacation. He met a fan on the street there and was very surprised.
– Changmin used to be over weight. He was big baby and was 96 kilos in junior high. He lost the weight in order to go to the music division of the army. He ate two tofus a day for three weeks and lost 18-19 kilos.
– His favorite food is 돈까스 (fried pork cutlets). It is the one food he must have even if it means gaining weight.
– Changmin’s ideal type is someone who can make great fried porklets.
– Lately he has been very into this watch with a big square face that was popular about 15 years ago. He would like to buy it.
– Changmin lives by himself and his fans know this, they send him food from all over their various countries, because they want him to take care of himself.

lee changmin 2

Q & A::
Q: Why do you not feel satisfied with yourself?
A: It’s because he isn’t making the kind of music he likes. Music genres he really enjoys are blues, funk, and country. He feels that as a singer he is obligated to make music his fans want to hear. The balance of what the fans want and his style is very hard to find.

Q: What can you tell us about 생각이 너무 많아 (Think too much)?
A: The listening point of the song is the lyrics. He took all the things in his diary and wrote this song.

Q: What is you favorite song on the album?
A: Queen Bee, because it’s more his style with a jazzy blues feel.

Live Performance::
생각이 너무 많아 (Think too much)

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