BerryGood HeartHeart (베리굿하트하트)


BerryGood HeartHeart was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. BerryGood HeartHeart (베리굿하트하트) is a sub unit of BerryGood. BerryGood (베리굿) debuted in 2014 under JTG Entertainment.

Taeha (태하) – Leader, Vocalist
Sehyung (세형) – Vocalist
Goun (고운) – Maknae, Vocalist


– With this concept they got to play with different color contacts, and making sublte changes to their makeup.
– In the video the girls are representing the same person: Goun (past), Taeha (present), Sehyung (future).
– The choreography has changed 1 week before the video shoot. They had to relearn the choreography in one week, after having practice the old choreography for two months.
– Sehyung is the aegyo queen of the group.
– Taeha falls in love with drama characters, and other people on TV quickly. Her ideal type changes frequently.
– Goun has the cutest weird sleeping habit of talking and moves around in her sleep.
– They can’t standing feeling hungry. They get sick easier when they go without eating.
– Taeha acts like she’s older when she reacts to things.
– One downfall that Goun noticed about practices is that if she made a tiny mistake with all 6 members no one can tell. However, with just the three of them her tiny mistakes are noticed by everyone.
– In their free time they tend to sleep the majority of the time.
– The pick me up food is: Goun (fried chicken), Sehyung (Korean BBQ), Taeha (seaweed soup).
– They would like to try: Goun (tropical house sound), Sehyung ( Bruno Mars type if songs, bright tones, feel good type of songs), Taeha (girl crush type of feel).


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind the name Heart Heart?
A: There is no deep meaning. Their CEO said their unit group was going to be Heart Heart from now on, and they were like “ook…”

Q: What is 난리가 난리가 났네 (Crazy, gone crazy) about?
A: The song is about a girl who likes a guy.

Live Performance::
난리가 난리가 났네 (Crazy, gone crazy)

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