Hoons (훈스)

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Hoons visited the Kpoppin’studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Hoons is a duo group that debuted in 2016 under MMO Entertainment (Front Desk).

Sanghoon (이상훈) – Vocalist
Jonghoon (이종훈) – Keyboardist


– For their spring fan meeting they had a fan picnic, at the Han River.
– Even though they debuted in 2016 this was their first radio appearance.
– Jonghoon says Sanghoon was practicing smiling before their fan meeting.
– They were friends before they started working together, and they have been friends for 3 years (and see each other every day).
– They like to give each other space when their working in the studio.
– Jonghoon is a shy person especially with strangers.
– As of right now they’ve never fought. If they have something to say they try very hard to say it nicely.
– There was a time when Sanghoon thought Jonghoon’s side profile was pretty good looking. Jonghoon thinks Sanghoon looks the best when he was being supportive.
– When they went on a performance TV show there were a lot of idol fans there, and they felt out of place until the audience started singing along. The whole experience was funny for them.
– From the moment they met they felt like they would become close friends.
– They both think of themselves as scaredy cats. Jonghoon gets startled easily. Sanghoon is terrified of bugs.
– Their ideal type is a cute girl rather than a sexy girl.
– The Han River is their favorite place to go busking. It is a place they talk about in a lot of their songs.
– Sanghoon loves anything with tofu in it. Jonghoon is a huge pepperoni pizza fan.
– If they lose their phones, they feel that they will most likely be disowned by their families because of all the blackmail material they have on each other in their phones.
– Their personalities are different but their behavior is very similar. That has made avoiding arguments easy for them.


Q & A::
Q: How do you work together?
A: At first if one of them came up with a Melody and the other one wasn’t into it, they shelve the song and move on to something else. They worked together so much by now that they are pretty much in sync now as to what each other likes.

Live Performance::
얘가 이렇게 예뻤나( I C U)

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