Sole (쏠)


Sole was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Sole (쏠) debuted in 2017 under Devine Channel and Sony Music.

– Sole’s label works in both Korea and USA.
– She didn’t feel that she was a celebrity until she saw the number of views and comments on her debut MV.
– She has received a few love calls from American celebs, but nothing is set in stone yet so she’s not saying any names.
– Sole wants to be an artist on everyone’s playlist, not for fame but because her song felt relateable / touched the heart of the listener.
– She went to an all girls high school.
– Her role model is Beyonce.
– Sole would like to have a chill out concert on the beach in LA.
– She makes her own songs, and gets inspiration from her life.
– Sole recently moved and now has a roommate.
– She would like to have a peaceful little house in the forrest, to come home to after being on tour and doing concert.
– Lately she has been into (fermented bean soup)
– Sole is from Busan, and used to work at s family restaurant in Busan.
– Sole sort of plays the guitar, but says that learning instruments is hard.
– She has a new male kitten called Sinbi. Sinbi is an American Short-hair.
– Sole has been buying a lot of PJs lately in the hopes that comfortable PJs will help her sleep through the street noise coming from the busy street that she lives on.


Q & A::
Q: Do you have a message to the you from 10 years ago?
A: She was preparing for high school 10 years ago, but regrets not doing what she liked. Her message to herself is “do what you like.”

Q: What kind of song is Ride?
A: Ride was written based on an experience she had (her friends taught her to ride a bike after she moved to Seoul).

Live Performance::
** A/N:: She has a very chill voice**

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