Rainbow Jisook (레인보우 지숙)


Rainbow Jisook was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Rainbow Jisook (레인보우 지숙) debuted as a member of Rainbow in 2009. She made her solo debut in 2018 is currently under DMost Entertainment.

– Jisook is a blogger (it’s one of her hobbies).
– She was a bit nervous about starting to sing again after Rainbow and Rainbow pixie disbanded.
– To prepare for becoming a solo artist she focused on the tracks that were going to go on the album, listening to other genres.
– Jisook found that picturing her members helped her get through songs, because then she didn’t feel so alone.
– She says that she is still trying to find her tone now that she is solo vs in a group where she was given certain parts.
– Jisook bwas the one writing in the audio for the album’s intro.
– Jisook cut her hair into a short bob for this concept.
– She believes that the Rainbow always follows the storm. Rainbow is going to be with her for the rest of her life. She likes how the rain has been following her around.
– The album is a story that should be listened to from the first track to the last.
– She feels that if she were on a fashion shopping show she would be able to sell something. (A/N:: Jisook says call her. She wants to be on your show.)
– Jisook streaming her own songs to help her song get higher in the charts.
– Because Jisook majored in singing and she is a singer, she constantly obligated to be very good.
– Lately she has been really into fishing. She has bought a lot of books to study. She plans to buy fishing equipment soon. (A/N: In Korea when starting a hobby you have to bye everything needed for that hobby.)
– Jisook says her house is filled with various types of machines calling her to finally touch them and make use of them.
– On rainy days Jisook likes to make Korean pancakes.
– She loves learning new languages.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 우산이 없어 (Umbrella)?
A: Umbrella is a track about mssing that special someone who was always there with an umbrella when you needed it.

Live Performance::
우산이 없어 (Umbrella)

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