NTB (엔티비)


NTB was in the Kpoppin studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. NTB (엔티비) made their Korean debut in 2018 under High Choice Entertainment.

L.min (엘민) – Leader, Vocalist
G.O (지오) – Rapper, Vocalist
Seowoong (서웅) – Vocalist
Jaeha (재하) – Vocalist
Youngbo (영보) – Rapper
Hyobin (효빈) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They debuted in Japan in 2016.
– They debuted through a global cloud funding.
– Some of the boys originally debuted in 2014 as members of Pure Boys (disbanded over controversy).
– Jaeha almost fell over during their debut performance for Dramatic.
– They think they are different from other groups because they’re not scripted. They ad-lib when they want feel like it.
– They choose to sing 나비무덤 because it shows their vocal skills and harmony.
– Youngbo would like to visit Switzerland. As a group they would like to visit Brazil and Russian because they love soccer.
– L.min was #1 in his grade and top 6 in the whole school. The grades were made of 21 students per grade.
– Seowoong lived in the same neighborhood with BigStar’s Feeldog in Busan.
– Jaeha’s most rebellious activity was prank calling everyone on his phone list in junior high (10 years ago).
– L.min worked at a ski resort to make money to move to Seoul to pursue a music career. His parents became supportive after seeing his efforts.


Q & A::
Q: What does NTB stand for?
A: It stands for Never Take a Break. It also has another meaning of never stop the music. Previously it stood for NaughTy Boys.

Q: What is Dramatic about?
A: It’s a song for the fans. The point dances are the Mask dance and the Bullet dance. It is saying that the person you like is your drama.

Live Performance::
나비무덤 (Butterfly Grave) by Take (cover)


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