MRSHLL (Marshall 마샬)


Marshall (MRSHLL) was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. MRSHLL (마샬) debuted in 2018 under Feel Good Music.

– He was on Show Me The Money 6.
– Marshall used to work at Arirang Radio as a guest on Travel Bug.
– He originally came to Korea to become a singer.
– In the past he released some singles that are not radio friendly, but they were very Marshall’s truth songs.
– He came to Korea to be on an audition survival show, Birth of a Great Singer. Right before that he was ready get give up on music because he had throat issues, and he was getting any music jobs.
– Marshall came up with the title for this album after talking with his mom during a moment of anxiousness. He wrote a song by the same name that he is saving for his next album.
– All the people that featured or helped with the album are close friends of his, or people that his has known for a long time.
– Marshall had a hard time picking which of his babies would be the title track. He got help from a friend to pick it.
– In his heart the lead single for the album is Hold Me. It’s written as a plea for help.
– Okay was written to send the message that you are not alone, and that eventually everything will be ok.
– His songs are like therapy for him, and give him mixed emotions.
– Marshall and Lee Hi are best friends. Lee Hi helped a lot with writing Korean lyrics for the album.
– A lot of TMI happened during the process of making the album. Nothing he can repeat.
– He loves fur coats (fake fur, no animals were harmed in the making of his coats).
– He gets annoyed with himself when he records and thinks he sounds nasally.
– Lydia Paek has been one of his besties since before he came to Korea, and features on the album.
– Other than his own album he has been listening to Sam Smith, and Christina Aguilera.
– He would like to be friend Demi Lovato, and Sam Smith.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is Come Over?
A: It’s a very fun pop song with island vibes. The original features pH-1. The version on the show is a mashup between his song Come Over and Michael Jackson PYT (pretty young thang). He feels that this song sets the mood for the album.

Q: How did you meet your label?
A: He went to a movie premier after party. Their was a karaoke machine and he sang and after his performance he was approached and that’s where the friendship began. Then he signed with Feel Good Music last may.

Live Performance::
Come Over & PYT mashup

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