Kim Donghan (김동한)


Kim Donghan was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Kim Donghan (김동한) debuted in under OUI Entertainment.

– Donghan was a member of JBJ until the group disbanded in early 2018.
– Last time he was in the Kpoppin studio he mentioned wanting to do a more sexy concept. He is very thankful that his label knew what he wanted and gave him songs that were a bit sexy.
– He loves to eat, but he has been dieting lately.
– Donghan recently got some new piercings.
– His work routine has mainly focused on improving his endurance for live performances, and for slimming down.
– One of the things He has realized since going solo is that now he does everything: main dancer, main vocal, visuals, main rapper.
– There are two versions of his album a read and a black. The clothes he was wearing on the black cover are his favorite so far, because they give him a dandy but sexy vibe.
– It’s not that Donghan loves sexy concepts, it’s that he doesn’t feel right doing cute concepts. Overall sexy concepts are much easier for him, and less cringe worthy.
– He loves watching TV and even though he is very busy he still finds time to watch Radio Star, Happy Together, and I live Alone.
– Recently he bought lotion for himself for the first time. He had to look online to see how to apply it, but the steps are so complicated.
– If he could go on a trip with Taeyong he would just go to his house and watch TV.


Q & A::
Q: What was filming the music video like? did you wish you had members there or were you happy to be by yourself?
A: He was happy that everything was faster this time around since he was by himself. Filming was finished in one day, and in the past it took 2-3 days to complete MV filming.

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