KissN (키스엔) and HighSoul (하이솔)


KissN and HighSoul were in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. KissN debuted in 2015 under Honey Voice Entertainment. HighSoul debuted in 2015 and is also under Honey Voice Entertainment.

KissN (키스엔) – Producer, Vocalist
HighSoul (하이솔) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They met as a vocal trainer (KissN) and student (HighSoul).
– HighSoul’s first impression of KissN was that she had this aura around her, and she seemed on top of her game. So, HighSoul respected her from day one.
– KissN thought HighSoul didn’t have the best singing voice, but saw her passion for singing and her desire to constantly improve.
– HighSoul has been trying to rap lately. She has been really enjoying this lastest single, because it allows her a chance develop a new skill.
– The MV was filmed in one day. They almost missed their flight. HighSoul didn’t know how to walk in a dress.
– KissN has a knack for nagging.
– They both think each other has gotten prettier since they met.
– They don’t think of each other as soulmate.


Q & A::
Q: Is there a special meaning behind the title of your lastest single?
A: They went with a long title because they wanted to do something different from the mainstream simple titles. Other than that there is no special meaning. They released the song because they wanted to put out a song, and it just happened to be a ballad.

Live Performance::
사랑했던 그날들로 (Days loved)

내게 말해 (Love like I do)

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