Ahn Yeeun (안예은) and Shuya (슈야)


Ahn Yeeun and Shuya were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Ahn Yeeun (안예은) made her solo debut in 2016 under Panda-Whale Company (팬더웨일 컴퍼니). Shuya (슈야) also debuted in 2016 under the same label.

– Yeeun participated in Kpop Star season 5.
– Shuya has been interesting in English since she was little, and her English is very good.
– Yeeun released her second album recently.
– Shuya is a student at Berklee University in Boston. She’s taking a year off to work in Korea.
– If Shuya can’t think of a song, she stops thinking until something comes to her.
– Yeeun has written a song in less than 10 minutes. Shuya’s fastest song was 2 hours.
– Yeeun doesn’t believe in her singing ability, and that is why she lends more towards song writing and producing.
– Shuya is a fan of Yeeun and Kpop. Her favorite idol group right now is Twice.
– Yeeun thinks Shuya has the ability to be in a Kpop group, because she has a cute voice.
– Shuya’s parents are music inclined and had jobs in the music industry.
– Yeeun’s parents were not supportive of her wanting to do music. They thought it was just an excuse for her not to study. They changed their mind after seeing her talent and passion.
– If Shuya could live as anyone else for a week she wants to live as Park Bogum, because he is the most handsome to her.
– Shuya’s manager said that when she is told to practice she only practices idol music.
– Yeeun loves movies alone, and when she is really into a movie she will go to the theater and rewatch is repeatedly. The most times she has rewatched the same movie at the theater 13 times.


Q & A::
Q: Future plans?
A: Yeeun is preparing for her upcoming concert. She will be singing all the songs on her 2nd album live at the concert.

Live Performance::
이방인 (Ahn Yeeun)

착각 (Delusion (Shuya)

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