PLT was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. PLT is a group of solo artists under Planetarium Records.

Gaho (가호)
Kei.G (케이지)
Jinwoo (진우)
June (준)
Villain (빌런)
Moti (모티)


– June was a Big Hit trainee.
– Villain dropped a mini album, Bank robber, the day before the interview. It features songs he wrote in junior high to songs he wrote two months ago.
– Moti said Wave was hard for him to release because he had to rearrange it a couple times, and also work on another song (Blue).
– They made a spontaneous trip to the east sea, and ended up in a dangerous situation that Villain believes was an almost robbery.
– Villain is fluent in English.
– When they give someone their song they tease them in the studio.
– Moti’s Blue is, in his words, a light and refreshing song.
– Jinwoo is in charge whenever they travel. He has games and penalties ready whenever they go somewhere.
– The members say June doesn’t shower, so people don’t want to share a room with him.
– The members complain that Villain takes a long time to brush his teeth, or wash his face. Villain fired back saying they don’t wash or bring toothpaste on trips.
– The members think Villain is too clean.
– To get into the music making zone Moti wears his most comfortable clothes.
– Villain gets a lot of inspiration from watching various films on Netflix.


Q & A::
Q: Future plans??
A: They are having a concert coming up in about 10 days. The playlist for the daytime shows are different from the night time shows.

Q: In your opinion what is the importance of SNS in the music industry?
A: Jinwoo – it’s great for showing their individual sides and aspect of themselves outside of music.

Live Performance::
PLT – Hocus Pocus

Villain – Manitto (마니또)

Moti – Blue

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