Kevin Oh (케빈오)


Kevin Oh was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Kevin Oh (케빈오) debuted in 2016 and he is currently under Sony Music and VisualVasic.

– Winner of Super Star K season 7.
– Kevin DJ’s his own Korean radio show.
– He feels naked without his guitar.
– For now he is going to stick with Ballads. He wants to create his own type of ballad and explore what makes the audience’s hearts flutter.
– Places around New York, and his studio in Korea give him lots of inspiration.
– Lately Kevin has been taking acting lessons.
– Come Down is an unreleased breakup song that Kevin wrote 6 years ago. (A/N: it’s on SoundCloud)
– Kevin took theatre classes in college.
– When he is stressed Kevin eats spicy food. The more stressed he is the spicier the food is.
– He said that from now on when he is bored he will probably upload demos of his songs that are unmixed and raw to SoundCloud.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 연인 (Lover)?
A: It is a break up song. The song starts off with the time before the break up and climaxes with the moment of realizing “we have to stop.”

Q: Did you come up with the Lover MV concept, and would you do other MV with this type of concept (LGBT theme)?
A: He said interpretating the MV was up to the viewer. He said the MV is completely separate from the song. The MV for him reflects a friendship and getting comfort from a friend after a break up.
— In the past after a break up he would call his best friend and talk things out with him while driving around.
— Kevin said that when you watch the MV while listening to the song it gets you thinking all these thoughts, but if he watch the MV without sound it’s just a video showing friendship.
— As for doing this type of MV concept in the future? He’s not sure.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: He prefers to focus on the now and putting out as much music as possible and fighting for his dream, rather than wondering about this or that future opportunity that may or may not come his way.

Live Performance::
Lover (연인)

Come Down

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