OUI OUI (위 위)


Oui Oui was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Oui Oui (위위) is an R&B indie pop duo that debuted in 2018 under Inplanet.

Meijee (메이지) – Song writer
Blueny (블루니) – Vocalist


– They met through their label, and then discovered that they have a lot in common, and became close friends.
– Blueny originally was reluctant to work with Meijee because she had heard a song that Meijee produced and it wasn’t her style.
– Neither of them has their license yet.
– If they filmed a MV they would like it to be on Jeju Island.
– Blueny is into making slime these days.
– They would like to collaborate with Sam Kim. They have a song ready for him that they wrote specifically for him feature on.
– Meijee and Blueny talk to each other all day everyday via text. There’s a lot of TMI happening.
– They don’t meet often outside of work. When they do meet up they rarely talk about things not related to work.
– Blueny loves Monsta X and follows them on SNS.
– They both like listening to soulful voices.


Q & A::
Q: How did you get your team name?
A: Oui Oui is french for ‘Yes’. They picked this as their name because they wanted to be the group that was that approachable.

Q: What kind of song is Ocean?
A: It’s a romantic song that Meijee wrote about finding happiness in the small things.

Live Performance::

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