Yongzoo (용주) and Dmeanor (디미너)


Yongzoo and Dmeanor were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. They are under the label NUPLAY. Yongzoo (용주) debuted in 2018, and Dmeanor (디미너) debuted in 2017.

– Yongzoo was part of SoundK’s play my music corner in July.
– They have both been working on OSTs lately.
– Dmeanor worked with Fly to the Sky on a project.
– Yongzoo was a trainee at SM for 3 years.
– Yongzoo and Ji Hansol (NewKidd) are good friends and were trainees together.
– Dmeanor went to Japan to rest, but it was so hot that he just stayed in his hotel room.
– If given the chance Yongzoo would like to visit Hong Kong.
– Dmeanor’s ‘Why do we’ is a song about an unrequited love.
– Yongzoo did a cover Dmeanor’s song 그냥 두기로. They sung a snippet of the song as a duet during the broadcast.
– In your eyes (눈을 맞추면) is a sweet love song featuring Yejin (feistar).
– Yongzoo has had a lot of part time jobs, including being a waiter, voice over actor for kid voices, and working in storage warehouses.
– Dmeanor goes to the gym to relieve his stress and do weight training.
– Yongzoo wants to live as a world star for a day.


Q & A::
Q: Have you ever fanboyed over anyone?
A: Dmeanor is a Wheesung fanboy. Wheesung is one of the reasons Dmeanor became a singer. Yongzoo is a major fan of Jessie J.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: Dmeanor thought Yongzoo was cute when they first met because Yongzoo has a lot of aegyo.

Live Performance::
Why do we (Eng. version) – Dmeanor

눈을 맞추면 (In your eyes) – Yongzoo

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