Aivan (아이반)


Aivan was in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Aivan (아이반) debuted in 2017 under Evermore Music.

– Aivan has participated in SoundK’s Play My Music corner.
– He was raised in Montreal, Canada and fluent in English and French.
– In 2017 Aivan released a Japanese EP.
– He plays piano and guitar.
– Aivan started training in 2011 to be a trainee, and trained for 4 years.
– He is a member of Mensa Korea. Mensa is a group of people with high IQs, that one must test into.
– He worked at CNN as in intern.
– Aivan took two years of no music to look for a job.
– Tell The World, is his Korean debut song. It’s a song about telling the would who you love, and that you are in love.
– He felt awesome when fans have DMed him telling him how his music touched them.
– Aivan is working on finishing his graduate school education. He has one semester left.
– Before going to bed he writes down keywords from the day. Those become inspiration later when he writes music.
– He played soccer from elementary school through high school.
– TVXQ/DBSK was the first Kpop group he fell in love with.
– About 6 years ago he worked setting up the stages for M Countdown. He wanted to get closer to the stage, and so, he applied for the job.
– He used to be a background dancer for Spica.
– Find Myself, is the first song he ever wrote. After two years of no music he picked up his guitar, and and this song about finding himself and stay true to his dreams came out.


Q & A::
Q: Is Aivan your English name?
A: Aivan is a stage name, because there is already a musically inclined celebrity with a similar name. He used his Korean name even when he was living in Canada.

Live Performance::

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