Cherry On Top (체리온탑)


Cherry On Top was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Cherry On Top (체리온탑) is debuted in 2018 under United Creative.

U (유) – Vocalist
Yoonseul (윤슬) – Vocalist
Naye (나예) – Vocalist
Ian (이안) – Leader, Vocalist


– Naye met and became friends with Ian from the very first day. They really clicked with each other. They met at their audition.
– Yoonseul procrastinates a lot.
– A couple of the members know English.
– Ian likes to sit and stay there, so things should be in arms reach so she doesn’t have to move.
– Yoonseul is in charge of introducing their tracks.
– When a member is without make up or is wearing their glasses the others members will tease them by calling them by their real name.
– Dieting is pointless for Yoonseul because she loves eating too much.
– Ian was voted most likely to have a side job if she wasn’t an idol. She loves doing nails.
– The most energetic member is U, especially at night.
– The selfie queens of the group are Naye and Ian. Naye takes about 100 selfies and then picks one to post on her SNS.
– Ian is the must positive / optimistic member.
– Naye focuses on her hidden talents the most.
– Strawberry, vanilla, rose and coconut are fragrances that they enjoy.
– Naye is always last. Yoonseul is the fastest member.


Q & A::
Q: Where did the group name come from?
A: The members choose the name Cherry On Top. (A/N: no back story given.)

Live Performance::
Hi Five

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