D-CRUNCH (디크런치)


D-Crunch was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. D-Crunch (디크런치) debuted in 2018 under All S Entertainment.

Hyunwook (현욱) – Leader, Vocalist
Hyunho (현호) – Rapper
O.V – Leader, Rapper
Minhyuk (민혁) – Rapper
Hyunwoo (현우) – Vocalist
Hyunoh (현오) – Vocalist
Chanyoung (찬영) – Rapper
Jungseung (정승) – Rapper
Dylan (딜란) – Maknae, Rapper


– Dylan lived in New Zealand for a little while, and is fluent in English.
– D-Crunch are self produced with their own production team they call G.I.G. (good thing is good thing). Until all the members like their results they continue working on the project.
– Minhyuk loves clothes/fashion and cologne.
– They filmed the video and then they looked at it and took note if what they needed to fix, and then refilm the video.
– Outside of producing Hyunho is pretty good at darts.
– Dylan’s hidden talent are doing aegyo.
– They practice their dances in padded jackets in their studio with the heat turned up, because they did know what their stage costums were going to be.
– Hyunwoo went out of frame in the video because he decided to sit down instead of turn to the side like he was suppose to.
– Chanyoung has a signature move he does when he is popping.
– O.V’s swag is OV himself according to Chanyoung.
– Hyunwook tends to press his lips and lick his lips when he takes a selfie.
– Hyunoh is a perfectionist according to Hyunwook.
– They recommend listening to their song ‘I want’ when you’re sad.
– Chanyoung, Dylan, and Jungseung are still in school and share a room. Chanyoung and Dylan have conversations with each other in their sleep, but never remember it after waking up.
– They would like to participate in the Idol Olympics.
– Chanyoung takes over the entire sleeping area whenever he has to share sleeping space. One time when a member had to share a bed with him, while sleeping he got trapped between the wall and Chanyoung’s leg. (A/N: the way he said it reminded me of that one Playful Kiss scene.)


Q & A::
Q: What does D-Crunch stand for?
A: There name stands for Diamond Crunch. Meaning they can crunch diamonds even though they are the hardest and strongest material on Earth. They will be the group to work harder and harder to reward their fans with good music and performances.

Q: How did you meet each other?
A: O.V they all audition from Korea. They were all interested in hip-hop and that’s why they auditioned. They all met after audition.

Live Performance::

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