G.Urban (지어반)


G.Urban was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. G.Urban (지어반) is an R&B duo that debuted in 2014 under Neverland Entertainment.

Kyungwon (라경원) – Vocalist
Hyuksoo (홍혁수) – Vocalist


– They are the same age, and went to the same college.
– Hyuksoo was on Voice Korea. Kyungwon was on Birth of a star season 3.
– They are singer songwriters. Kyungwon takes the lead with projects by giving deadlines, and Hyuksoo just agrees with “yes sir” and things get done.
– Hyuksoo has no love experience, so gets his inspiration from movies.
– There was a time when Kyungwon was so nervous for a studio recording that he yawned before starting, but his jaw got stuck and he had to go to the hospital and cancel the recording session.
– Hyuksoo watches at least one movie a day.
– Their recording studio is cursed according to them because after Kyungwon’s incident Hyuksoo got stuck in the recording booth when the lock on the door mysteriously broke.
– Hyuksoo tells Kyungwon about everything going on in his world, and considers Kyungwon his mentor and best friend.
– They would like to collaborate with Beyonce and Jeff Bernet.
– Kyungwon doesn’t have a driver’s license yet. So, he gets rides from friends to go to other cities just to visit certain cafes.
– Hyuksoo is a fan of Joy, and Kyungwon is a big Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls inspired Kyungwon to become a singer so he could meet them.
– Hyuksoo wants to be a race car driver.
– According to Kyungwon, they have nothing in common. He says that’s why they work so well as a team.
– Hyuksoo wants Kyungwon to stop reading his mind. Kyungwon can tell how Hyuksoo is feeling and what mood he is in, and that makes Hyuksoo feel naked and vulnerable.
– Kyungwon likes petite small girls that are very cute. Hyuksoo likes tall ladies that look good is office attire.


Q & A::
Q: How did G. Urban come to be?
A: Hyuksoo dad came up with the group name. He made as list of about 40 possible names and G.Urban was one of them. They really liked it, and decided to use it.

Q: What kind of music genre would like to try next?
A: Kyungwon – something more upbeat like Bruno Mars 24K Magic.
Hyuksoo – more of what they’ve been doing lately.

Live Performance::
I know I’m not the only one – Sam Smith (cover)

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