S.I.S (에스아이에스)


S.I.S was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. S.I.S (에스아이에스) debuted in 2017 under JMG and Double X (XX) Entertainment.

Jihae (지해) – Leader
Dal (달) – Vocalist
Minji (민지) – Rapper
Gaeul (가을) – Vocalist
Ann (앤) Vocalist
Sebin (세빈) – Vocalist


– They recently had tours in Japan and visited Malaysia.
– Sebin dyed her hair platinum blonde 5 times and then dyed it pink several times between this comeback and their debut.
– Jihae has been working on her English and sounded almost fluent when asking for love and support for S.I.S’s comeback.
– According to the members, Dal had such a strong chic first impression that made them just want to agree with her and do what she wants.
– Ann thinks Gaeul has the most cuteness on the group.
– Ann tends to practice her stage poses for her parts of the song.
– Sebin talks, dances, and hogs the blankets in her sleep.
– According to the members, Sebin loves to react to her own performance monitors.
– Jihae loves cartoons the most out of the members.
– Gaeul destresses by taking baths to sweat out her stress. These daily baths tend to take more than two hours.
– Around midnight they are usually getting back from practice, washing up, and having their alone time.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 응?
A: It’s a song that showcases their vocals and rap skills. It also features lots of request for someone to Say Yes.

Live Performance::
응 (Say Yes)

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