Nakjoon (낙준)


Nakjoon was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Nakjoon (낙준) debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment.

– His American name is Bernard Park. He is fluent in English and from Atlanta, GA.
– Nakjoon loves coffee. He takes his black.
– He is an Arirang Radio DJ for the show Music Access.
– He has lots about 50 lbs since his last comeback, but he is always craving bad for you foods.
– Nakjoon once drove 5 hrs to get burgers with his friends during a moment of summer boredom.
– His first part time job was working in a doctor’s office.
– YG once harshly criticized him from his weight before hearing him sing.
– He almost passed out while singing a song on the audition survival show Kpop Star season, because he was a bit sick and trying to hold a high note for a long time.
– Nakjoon’s Sleep Mode is a ference to having you phone in sleep mode. In other words, he himself is in sleep mode, he is still running but not doing anything. In the song he is telling his friends to leave him alone, because he wants to think about his ex.
– When Nakjoon first starting having an interest in music he was in a band.
– He loves basketball and credits Micheal Jordan for sparking his interest in basketball.
– He drinks coconut water to keep his mouth hydrated.
– He can’t handle Soju, but he can handle beer (맥주). His alcohol tolerance has gone down since he lost weight.

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Q & A::
Q: Why’d you change from using your American name to Nakjoon?
A: Nakjoon is his legal Korean name, and he decided to use it this time around to make himself more approachable to Korean fans. Also, he slightly changed his music genre and wants this change to be more accepted.

Live Performance::
Still (feat. LUNA (f(x)))

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