Lucente (루첸트)

A/N:: I missed bits of the interview while getting ready for my volunteer job. 죄송해요.


Lucente was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Lucente (루첸트) is a boy band debuted in 2018 under Noga Entertainment.

U.Seong (유성) – Leader, Rapper
Z.Hoo (지후) – Rapper
Hero (Youngwoong (영웅)) – Vocalist
Taejoon (태준) – Rapper (?)
Gogun (고건) – Vocalist
Bao (바오) – Rapper
Parkha (박하) – Maknae, Rapper

lucente 1

– There was a time when their flight was delayed and they had to wait 20 hours and slept at the airport.
– At a fansign the management told them not to sign the pictures that were part of the album package, but one of them did anyway and management took the picture away from the fan.
– They think their dorm is haunted.
– U.seong has slowly been losing the socks he bought when he moved into the dorm. It turns out a member has been slowly taking U.seong’s socks.
– Hero received an award for his drawing at an UNESCO event.
– They aren’t fluent in English, but they all know some English.

lucente 2

Q & A::
Q: Please explain your team name.
A: The team name is a combination of Latin and English and means shine bright like a star.

Live Performance::
뭔가 달라 (Your difference)

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