14u (원포유)


14u was in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. 14u (원포유) debuted in 2017 under Baekgom Entertainment.

Members (Sub-unit)::
E.sol (이솔) – 14u Leader, Vocalist (14u-X)
B.S (비에스) – 14u-X Leader, Rapper (14u-X)
Eunjae (은재) – 14u-L Leader, Vocalist (14u-L)
Luha (루하) – Vocalist (14u-L)
Gohyeon (고현) – Vocalist (14u-X)
Loudi (로우디) – Vocalist (14u-X)
Woojoo (우주) – Vocalist (14u-L)
Hyunwoong (현웅) – Rapper (14u-L)
Dohyuk (도혁) – Vocalist (14u-X)
Youngwoong (영웅) – Vocalist (14u-X)
Sejin (세진) – Vocalist (14u-L)
Rio (리오) – Vocalist (14u-L)
Doyul (도율) – Rapper (14u-X)
Gyeongtae (경태) – Maknae, Vocalist (14u-L)


– Luha wants to work on his producing skills and write a song for 14u.
– Eunjae loves F.T Island.
– Loudi is Indonesian.
– Their fanclub name is OnlyU.
– Hyunwoong loves basketball, and often shots his dirty clothes into the laundry holder.
– Gyeongtae is the mukbang king. When he was younger his older brother used to take his food and make him cry, because according to the brother he looks cute when he cries. Now Gyeongtae eats all the food he can as fast as he can so it can’t be taken from him.
– B.S is one of the main dancers in the group
– The hardest part of perparing for this comeback was the dieting.
– Youngwoong likes to collect figures.
– Gohyeon is the prankster of the group. He took Youngwoong’s figures, and wouldn’t give them back, which made Youngwoong cry.
– Hyunwoong is the mood maker.
– In the under water scene of the 나침반 (N.E.W.S) MV they had to attach styrofoam to their bodies, because the director was afraid their muscular bodies would make them sink to far down under the water.
– They surprised DJ Ashley by suddenly singing her the birthday song before leaving the studio.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 나침반 (N.E.W.S)?
A: It’s about a sweet and innocent guy who finds beauty in love and the heartbreak.

Live Performance::
나침반 (N.E.W.S)

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