Mimi Sisters (미미시스터즈)


Mimi Sisters we’re in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Mimi Sisters (미미시스터즈) is an indie duo that debuted in 2008, and they are currently under BGBG Records.

Big Mimi (큰미미) – Vocalist, Big booty
Little Mimi (작은미미) – Vocalist, Little booty

– They were members of Kiha and The Faces before starting their own group.
– They are very fond of The Kim Sisters (김시스터즈/이시스처즈 a group from the 1950s). They recently did a stage with The Kim Sisters.
– Big Mimi and Little Mimi aren’t actually sisters. They met randomly at a place that sells intestines. They started talking and realized that they were similar levels of crazy, and became close friends.
– Little Mimi is married and has a 7 years old son. Her husband got a job in India, and so she moved there to be with him 2 years ago. She back came to S. Korea back for group promotions.
– For their 10th anniversary they made passport cases with their pictures on them for fans.
– Both of them majored in English.
– They love drinking. They would welcome a chance to do a commercial for an alcoholic beverage.
– They recently did a stage with The Kim Sisters.
– There was a time when a sunbae offered them drinks, but they were about to go on stage. They would’ve looked bad if they rejected the offer, so they accepted it. Then when they went on stage they forgot their dance routine.

Mimi 1

Q & A::
Q: Why do you never reveal your real name or age?
A: They have tried revealing their age to their fans, but the fans said they didn’t need to know. It makes them feel more comfortable being honest about themselves with fans when they hide their names.

Q: What are you planning for the future?
A: They are planning a Bollywood style album.

Q: What kind of song is 우리, 자연사 하자 (Lets all die naturally)?
A: It’s more about living happy until you die a natural death of natural causes / old age. They wrote this song as a way to comfort each other during a time when they were both struggling with life.

Live Performance::
우리, 자연사 하자 (Lets all die naturally (English version))

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