OLNL (오르내림)


OLNL was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. OLNL (오르내림) officially debuted in 2017 under StoneShip after featuring on several albums starting in 2016.

– This is his first time on an international radio show, and he was a bit nervous.
– He was bundled up in the studio and looked warm, but he was still cold.
– OLNL was on a competition show (SMTM), and found that his style of music didn’t fit with the show, send found himself trying to adjust his music to fit the competition show.
– The Staff Only album was mainly for him and filled with the type of music he likes to listen to; warm and chilled out.
– OLNL uses auto-tune because it has a unique color to it.
– He will celebrate Christmas with his girlfriend.
– Beenzino has taken over his mp3 player lately, and he’d like to collaborate with him.
– The songs on Staff Only were written after his time on SMTM ended. He spent the weekend after the show just writing the other songs.

o l n l 1

Q & A::
Q: If you weren’t a rapper or musician that would you be doing?
A: He would be probably be learning from his father, and going into the same line of work that his father does.

Q: Are there any other styles of music you’d like to try?
A: He’d like to try a future house style. It’s has a young but mature vibe to it, and is still chill.

Live Performance::
시차적응 (Jet lag)

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