Penomeco (페노메코) and Coogie (쿠기)


Penomeco and Coogie were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Penomeco (페노메코) debuted in 2014, and Coogie (쿠기) debuted in 2018. They are both under Million Market.


– Coogie has worked with Tommy Strait who is DJ Ashley’s rap teacher.
– Penomeco is good friends with Zico.
– They were both on SMTM 777.
– Coogie was almost a business office worker.
– Penomeco prefers to drink alone rather than around others.
– Penomeco is part of hip-hop crew Fanci Child. They don’t talk about music/work when they get together.
– Coogie thinks Bouncing is his favorite of all his songs.
– Coogie’s dream right now is to own his own home in 2019.
– Penomeco would like to date and have romance. He even asked fans listening to the radio interview if they would be okay with that.
– Coogie has done some training in Jinjo, Korea.
– Penomeco considers Good Morning a masterpiece song, because it talk about his life before and after getting into music.
– Penomeco can’t lie to his grandma about anything. He feels that music is the best way to give back to her for all the love her gave him growing up.
– Coogie would welcome a love call from Justin Bieber.
– Penomeco remembers a performance where people threw so many stuffed dolls on stage that he had to stop performing for a moment. He has those dolls on his bed to this day.


Q & A::
Q: Is there any meaning behind your stage name?
A: Penomeco: Peno stands for pen, and meco stands for made in Korea. Coogie’s friends were wearing a brand and he liked it, but pronounced it wrong and said coogie (similar to pronounciation of cookie (cook-ee)) instead of coogi (cu-gee). It was during the time when he was looking for a stage name.

Q: Penomeco, can you please explain No.5?
A: He wanted everyone to think of the perfume No.5 while listening to the song.

Live Performance::
No.5 (Penomeco)

Justin Bieber (Coogie)

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