Somdef (썸데프)


Somdef was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Somdef (썸데프) debuted in 2013 under 360 Sounds.

– He is a DJ, a music producer and director.
– Somdef will sometimes give the feature artists control of the song, and sometimes he has a plan for the music and sticks to it.
– Somdef’s real name is Wang Doohyun (왕두현).
– pH-1 and Somdef didn’t formally meet each other until after the song ‘Wait’ was finished.
– His curls are a perm.
– Somdef talks slowly, and has a deep speaking voices.
– He is very upfront when it comes to love. He text a couple times, and then starts calling a lot when he likes someone.
– Somdef likes to go clubbing more often now that he has recently moved to an area that has nearby clubs.
– His SNS has pictures that people take of him. He has others take his picture, because he doesn’t like the way his selfies come out.
– He would like to hear people say he looks good, because he doesn’t hear it often.
– George is the exact opposite of Somdef, but Crush gas similar interests. He hesitated to pick a best friend between the two of them.
– When Somdef has someone feature he wants them to think of a beat that they would like to have on their own albums, but think would be to much for their fans to handle. Then use his album to try that new or different beat.
– He gets inspiration from friends, listening to music, and just being in the studio.


Q & A::
Q: How did you decide on a stage name?
A: He was 26 in his room thinking that he needed a stage name. He wanted a name that wouldn’t come up when he searched it. He found ‘some definition’ and put somdef together and the search came back empty.

Q: What was it like working with pH-1?
A: Somdef made a beat sketch and sent it to pH-1 for advice. In less than 24 hours pH-1 sent Somdef a full recording back with a complete beat, and lyrics.

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