Han Seungyeon (한승연)


Han Seungyeon was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Han Seungyeon (한승연) debuted in 2007 as a member of Kara, and she’s currently under Inyun Entertainment.

– Seungyeon was finally able to take her parents on the vacation trip she promised them last year, after a lot of different situations popped up. It was a hard vacation for her to get through.
– Her ideal type hasn’t changed in a very long time. She’s still interested in guys whose time management is on the same wavelength with hers.
– She took 3 different cameras and took great pictures for her parents, but the pictures they took had her eyes closed or she was yelling at them.
– ‘I love me’ was a song she didn’t want to touch, because she thought it was perfect as is and she didn’t want to change anything.
– Seungyeon is an actor/singer in Korea, and in Japan.
– It takes her a long time to fall in love with someone.
– When acting the directors keep asking her to lower her voice do that she sounds more approachable. Then they give her songs that require her high voice. It takes her a couple days to switch between the two different voices, and work on her breathing.
– She thinks she’s a lot like her character Han Yookyung.
– Seungyeon doesn’t go crazy with her skin care. She found since becoming a celebrity that the less she messes with her skin the better it behaves.
– She would like to get a teaching scuba diving certificate. however, Seungyeon’s bad at finding her way around on land, and believes she’d be worse in water.
– Seungyeon likes vegetables. She discovered that her body needs more carbs than she thought it did.

Han Seungyeon image #2

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is ‘I love me’?
A: The title is just a way to express one’s self, and doesn’t have any deep meaning.

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