Neon Punch (네온펀치)


Neon Punch was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Neon Punch (네온펀치) debuted in 2018 under A100 Entertainment.

Dayeon (다연) – Leader, Vocalist
Dohee (도희) – Vocalist
Beckah (백아) – Vocalist, Dancer, Center
May (메이) – Vocalist
Iaan (이안) – Maknae, Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper

neon punch #1

– Dohee joined the group after Teli left.
– They were able to produce their own outfits for this comeback. They included holo materials to bring out more of the funky feelings.
– Dohee likes the eye contact videos.
– Their song tictoc is about how it’s time to meet their destiny.
– There is this move in the dance that some of the members had issues with. The hand movement is the number 3 using the thumb, pointer finger and ring fingers. They got in trouble with their dance instructors because the kept making gun signs, because spreading those three fingers is difficult for them.
– Dohee was really nervous for her first stage performance.
– Dayeon takes the longest to remove makeup.
– May is the most approachable member.
– Beckah has the strongest punch, and is overall heavy handed.
– The last personality quiz they took was to see how psychopathic they are.
– Dohee and Dayeon wouldn’t mind living as each other for a day.
– Beckah would like to get to the top of the charts do they can do something special to celebrate.


Q & A::
Q: Watch do we need to watch out for with these album?
A: Iaan said there are a lot of different songs on the album that show off different sides of the girls.

Live Performance:::

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