The Nights of Seokyo (서교동의 밤)


The Nights of Seokyo we’re in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. The Nights of Seogyo (서교동의 밤) debuted in 2016 under Mun Hwa In (문화인).

Taekyung (태경, 서교동의 밤B) – Producer, Pianist
Jaehwan (재환, 서교동의 밤D) – Producer
Dawon (다원, 서교동의 밤E) – Vocalist
The Nights of Seokyo A (서교동의 밤A (wasn’t in the studio))


– They worked through the Lunar New year holiday, instead of taking a rest like most people in Korea.
– The members all have letters (A, B, D, E) that describe their personalities.
– ‘City Girl City Boy’ represents when they thought that maybe city pop would be a good genre to explore rather than sticking strictly with ballads.
– Dawon was originally just meant to be a one time collaborator, but they liked working together so much they kept making music together, and now she’s an official member of the group.
– ‘Sense’ originally is full of electronic sounds, but they played the acoustic version on the show.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind your team name?
A: Seokyo-dong is a place where a lot of musicians get together. Seokyo-dong is the place where they have their studio and spend a lot of time.

Q: Plans for the year?
A: Their solo concert is March 16th.

Live Performance::
눈치 (sense)

루키스타 (lucky star)

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