PERC%ENT (퍼센트)

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PERC%NT was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. PERC%NT (퍼센트) unofficially debuted in 2017, and officially debuted in 2019 under Mystic Entertainment.

– He is fluent in English.
– Perc%nt has one immediate family member, his dad.
– ‘Super Hero’ was the song that got him into his music label.
– ‘Dumb Dumb’ is a collaborative cover of Red Velvet’s song.
– ‘꽃잎점 (Petal Fortune)’ is a song for an OST that he had to write, and is getting more love than he ever thought it would.
– ‘Downtown’ was originally sung by Hyukie (정혁, Martin Smith), Perc%nt recorded this song on TV show God of Creation that he performed.
– Perc%nt lives alone, and he snores when he sleeps.
– He is from Chicago, and his English name is Chris.
– Chris doesn’t drink, and he doesn’t know what it’s like to be drunk. This is the reason he wrote Drunk. It’s about a girl who makes him drunk on love.
– He has a health condition that doesn’t allow him to drink alcohol.
– Several of the listeners believe his music is ASMR.
– Chris loves shoe shopping, and frequently goes shopping with his manager who also loves shoes.
– He would love to have a chance to work on a duet with Wendy from Red Velvet, because he loves her voice.
– Lately Chris has been into the artists HER.

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Q & A::
Q: What does Perc%nt mean?
A: His definition is: Me and Myself.

Q: Plans for the nearby future?
A: A full album is coming out next month.

Live Performance::

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