FunCity (펀시티)

FunCity at arirang

The FunCity was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. The FunCity (펀시티) is an indie band that debuted in 2016, and they’re not signed to a record label.

BURN – Vocalist
Sung-do (김성도) – Drummer
Jun-young (박준영) – Bassist
Sun-hwan (이선환) – Guitarist

FunCity img 1

– They describe their music as indie rock, indie pop, synth-pop, new wave, and danceable.
– This was their first time doing a radio show interview.
– ‘Ego’ is the title track of their most recent album, and it’s talking about “myself.”
– ‘Love it’ was written by Jun-young and is in English.
– Sung-do and Sun-hwan have been friends since childhood (about 8 years old).
– There was a huge snow storm that started during their performance for an Olympic event.
– They live together, but they all have different living styles.
– They like to play video games in their free time.
– They usually rest the day after a performance, because of all the equipment they take to and from venues.

FunCity img 2

Q & A::
Q: Future plans?
A: They have a concert coming April 14th in Hongdae.

Live Performance::
Love it

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