Yo Han Han (한요한)

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Yo Han Han was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Yo Han Han (한요한) debuted in 2015 under Linchpin Music (Just Music).

– Yohan started playing guitar when he was 11, and seriously started pursuing music as a career when he was 26.
– In order to sign with Just Music he had to go on a diet and had to lose 40kg. He met the conditions within a year.
– Yohan’s most recent album is his first full length album. The character on the cover looks a lot like another celebrity, and caused a lot of controversy because of this.
– Growing up he was into rock, hip-hop, and rap.
– ‘오아시스 (Oasis)’ is the highest pitched track on the Exiv album.
– Yohan has never been on a survivor show.
– Yohan says he’s not a risk taker, and for that reason he politely declines love calls from the survivor shows. He would do high school Rapper, because he likes the idea of wearing a high school uniform and going out to rap.
– He recently had his first solo concert. He was nervous, but thinking about his true fans helped him get through it.
– Yohan wasn’t able to throw water at the audience, because of the contract with the concert venue.
– He recommended that people listen to his song 락시땅 it’s on his 걱정마 (Don’t worry) album. Is about finding a brand lotion that an ex gave him that made him remember her.
– He used to live with Swings for 1 years.
– Yohan and Giriboy are the same age, and have been friends for a long time.
– Yohan is a big fan of John Mayer, and used to do a lot of guitar covers for his songs.aa

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Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 악당 퇴치(Villain out)’?
A: The song was about protecting the ones he love by punching the villains out.

Live Performance::
악당 퇴치 (Villain out)

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