DOSHi (도시)

DOSHi at arirang

DOSHi was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. DOSHi (도시) debuted in 2018, and he currently not signed to a record label.

– His real name is 서준혁 (Seo Jun Hyuk).
– DOSHi is a member of GR8VATTIC crew along with BOiTELLO.
– He is still in school while pursuing a music career. His parents
– He doesn’t believe his talent is innate, but a result of practice and hard work.
– DOSHi started seriously getting into music when he was doing his mandatory military duty.
– DOSHi loves to go shopping (it’s his hobby).
– There was an episode he remembers where he was on stage and his mic suddenly cut off. He took his friends mic and continued his performance.
– He’ll eat anything but seafood.
– He believes he is still at the stage where he has to improve himself, and is therefore not able to call anyone a rival.
– DOSHi likes girls with pretty eyes.
– Relationships where he likes someone first tend not to work out. However, when the girls like him first the relationship works out a bit longer.
– He likes SciFi shows, and been into Black Mirror lately.

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Q & A::
Q: What was the main inspiration for the album?
A: The bittersweet moment before getting on a plane, and the feeling of knowing he’s going to see his fans.

Q: What was the inspiration for Slow Drive?
A: When he went to Jeju island and used a scooter to tour the island, he didn’t want to say goodbye to the scooter. when it was time to leave.

Q: Lately what styles of hip-hop do you like the most?
A: These days he loves house / EDM / Pop kinds of hip-hop music 🔥🔥(SRC: Insta dm response).

Live Performance::

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