1TEAM (원팀)

1team at arirang

1TEAM was in the SuperKpop studio for K-star and Live with DJ Sam. 1TEAM (원팀) debuted in 2019 under Live Works Company.

Rubin (루빈) – Leader, Vocalist
BC – Rapper, Vocalist
Jinwoo (진우) – Vocalist
Jehyun (제현) – Dancer, Vocalist
Junghoon (정훈) – Maknae, Rapper

1TEAM pic 1

– They received advice from Shinhwa members during their pre-debut days.
– Jinwoo’s nickname is pig (mini pig).
– Junghoon loves listening to Loco.
– BC is a cat according to members, because he looks like a cat.
– They are taking their time deciding on a fanclub name.
– Rubin’s favorite nickname for himself is Lulu.
– Jinwoo’s really into Jay Park these days.
– Jehyun believes being sexy is his charming point, but members say they haven’t seen his sexy yet.
– They like Pretty Much the American boy group.
– Junghoon’s favorite food is Raw beef.
– BC’s favorite coffee is Iced Americano.
– They all think each other is the visual king.
– BC speaks English almost fluently, but he thinks he isn’t very good at English.

1TEAM pic 2

Q & A::
Q: What kind of album is Hello?
A: They describe their debut album in keywords:

  • party (for the vibe),
  • divine channel (for the production team),
  • jinwoo (because it matches Jinwoo’s personality),
  • first (because it’s their first of many things),
  • larva (for the point dance of the title track- like a worm almost)

Live Performance::
습관적 (Vibe)

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