Sungmin, Lex, Seongri (성민, 렉스, 성리)

sungmin, lex, and Seongri at arirang

Seongri, Sungmin, and Lex were in the SuperKpop studio for K-star and Live with DJ Sam. Sungmin (성민) and Lex (렉스) debuted in 2014 as members of Bigflo, and Seongri (성리) debuted in 2017 as a member of Rainz. Bigflo is under HO Company, and Rainz is under Kiss Entertainment.

– They named themselves 2SungLex.
– Sungmin thinks of Lex as a bad boy older brother.
– Seongri has been doing solo promotions to promote his first solo album, that was released April 15th.
– They weren’t told ahead of time that they were going to wear white pants for their stage performance and they had all worn bright colored underwear. They had to go replace their underwear.
– Sungmin has been cast in his first musical.
– DJ Sam called them the Korean Boys-2-Men.
– Lex is the DJ for Arirang Radio show Hot Beat.
– Seongri’s been given the nickname 감정 (feelings) by Lex.
– Sungmin says he has the warmest and sweetest voice out of the three of them.
– Lex wants to collaborate with Paul Kim.
– Seongri would like to visit Italy, because he’s had a romantic view of Italy. since he was a kid.
– Lex wants to film something in Toronto, Canada is hometown.

sungmin, lex, and Seongri

Q & A::
Q: How did this collaboration come to be?
A: They used to use the same office space. That’s how they met, and then this collaboration came about.

Q: What kind of song is ‘너처럼 살고 싶어 (Like you)’?
A: It’s an 80s/90s R-n-B song where the guy is telling his lady that he wants to live honestly like her, being able to tell her honestly how he feels. The song was written by Puer Kim (퓨어김) and produced by Yoon Jongshin (윤종신).

Live Performance::
너처럼 살고 싶어 (Like you)

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