Heize (헤이즈)

heize at arirang

Heize was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Heize (헤이즈) debuted in 2014 and she’s under Stone Music Entertainment.

– She love 떡볶이 (tteokbokki / Korean spicy rice cakes).
– She wanted to show that no matter how time passes you forget with this album.
– Heize can play the cello.
– She is known for her ASMR like soft spokeness.
– Heize likes rap over a melodic beat. Her sister’s mini-home page’s background music was the first time she heard rap over a melodic beat. She liked it, and was influenced her to do that kind of music.
– Heize says she didn’t have a dream when she was younger.
– She doesn’t have a role model.
– When she feels the love of her fans is when she feels lucky to be an idol.
– Heize decided to become a singer when she was in college.
– When she was younger her mom played a lot of music by the older legendary singers, and ingrained music into her.
– Heize and Benji go to the same hair salon. Benji confessed that she has met his dad.
– She was to be able to take care if her mom, and be her mother’s daughter.

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Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is She’s Fine?
A: It’s about people always asking a woman if she’s okay after she’s gone through a series of tiring events, and the woman saying I’m fine. People don’t believe her and tell her she doesn’t have to hide how she feels. The woman reiterates that she is really fine.

Live Performance::
널 너무 모르고 (Don’t know you)

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