Hot Place (핫플레이스)


Rookie group Hot Place was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Hot Place (핫플레이스) is a girl group that debuted in 2019 under Louders Entertainment.

Jeje (제제) – Leader, Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist
Hanbit (한빛) – Vocalist, Dancer
Sihyun (시현) – Vocalist
Terry (태리) – Maknae, Vocalist

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– The members were formerly part of Badkiz (배드키즈).
– JJ wanted her stage name to have something to do with money, and ended up with “₩” (the money symbol). She turned it into Jeje (제제) using the first syllable from the name of the ₩ character.
– They considered learning the choreo, and practice for their debut song hell on Earth. However, they did notice their stamina go up drastically as a result.
– Jeje made their own outfits for their debut stage.
– Like most rookies they had issues finding the cameras at the right moments while performing.
– Sihyun said she didn’t get nervous for their debut stage because she thought of all their fans there cheering them on.
– At first Jeje thought she couldn’t get close to the other people because she thought they would have strong personalities.
– Hanbit wants to try another genre that’s outside of the normal Kpop realm.
– When at home they are usually in bed lounging around and playing games or watching movies. Recently they watched ‘Us’.
– Hanbit can’t stand horror movies that have a bit of reality mixed in.
– Sihyun gets scared of loud noises.

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Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning of your team name?
A: It stands for wherever they go they will turn that place into a hot place.

Live Performance::

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