Ban Estin and Jimmy Brown (반에스틴 & 지미브라운)


Ban Estin and Jimmy Brown were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came in the Stars with DJ Ashley. Ban Estin (반에스틴) debuted in 2017 under TSN Entertainment. Jimmy Brown (지미 브라운) is an underground RnB/ Urban Hip-hop artist that debuted in 2017.

– Jimmy lived in Sydney Australia for a year when he was younger, and his English is very good.
– Jimmy was inspired by an artist who was releasing and every month, and he wanted to do some similar.
– Ban Estin hasn’t been in a one sided love, but he wants to be in a one sided love in order feel the emotions.
– Ban Estin’s role model is Quincy Jones. Jimmy’s role model is Chris Brown.
– They met through a mutual friend. They haven’t worked together yet, but they say that they will soon.
– The last time either of them have been to a PC cafe was in junior high.
– Jimmy’s friends don’t listen to his music, because it’s awkward.
– Jimmy admittedly has a bad memory.
– Ban Estin auditioned for JYP when he was younger, because he wanted to be an idol singer. However, producing was a better fit for him.
– Jimmy’s hobby is watching NBA games.
– They are in the same crew, Room8, which includes Bricks, YoungSick, and Feelosopher.
– Jimmy’s first song was about his first love.
– Ban Estin’s goal as a musician is to be consistent with the type of music he makes.
– Ban Estin is a homebody.
– The most recent movie that Jimmy has watched was The Notebook (he has watched it many times). Ban Estin’s most recent movie was Terminator.
– Jimmy loves love. His ideal type is Krystal of f(x). He fell for her when she first debuted.

ban Estin bottom, Jimmy Brown top

Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is No One? (To Jimmy)
A: It’s about love, and saying I only need you by my side. It features Minshik, an artist from the USA who he met on SoundCloud.

Q: How did Jimmy Brown come be?
A: Jimmy is his English name, and Brown comes from Chris Brown. 이지원 (Jiwon Lee) is is real name.

Q: What was your first impression of each other?
A: Ban Estin: I thought he’d be a conservative person.
Jimmy: I thought he looked more like someone who was studying rather than a musician.

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