Dongkiz (동키즈)

A/N:: I missed half the interview. There was a water issue with the refrigerator which flooded my kitchen. Here is what I was able to catch:


Dongkiz was the in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Dongkiz (동키즈) debuted in 2019 under Dongyo Entertainment.

Wondae (원대) – Leader, Rapper
Kyoungyoon (경윤) – Vocalist
Munik (문익) – Dancer
Jaechan (재찬) – Vocalist
Jonghyeong (종형) – Maknae, Dancer

 dongkiz 1

– The key part of their debut performance was the locking dance.
– On stage they focus in the dance break the most.
– Wondae’s mind goes blank when he goes on stage, and he just reminds himself to smile.
– The duality of Munik is that he is shy, but when the music comes on and he starts dancing suddenly he is very charismatic.
– They would like to do school uniform commercial.
– Wondae speaks fluent English. He studied from a teacher in Korea. He has never been overseas.
– Jonghyeong remembers this past Christmas they had a house party while filming Kiz Camp.
– Wondae loves to study.

Live Performance::
놈 (Nom)

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