Soya (소야)

soya at arirang

Soya was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. Soya (소야) debuted in 2010, and she is currently under GH Entertainment.

– For her most recent project, , she wanted to be more involved in the planning and production of the project.
– She is from the same company as DJ Benji.
– Her fans consider her to be an icon of healing and hope.
– Soya feels empty now that her concert is over, and she wants a chance to perform for her fans again.
– She does a lot of IG live with her fans.
– During the interview she had a craving for 돼지 갈비 (barbecued pork ribs).
– Soya was born April 2nd in Seoul, South Korea.
– Oasis is a song that she hopes her voice becomes a place where people can rest.
– She likes retro clothes.
– Her role model is Amy Whinehouse. She loves her voice and the soul she puts into her music.
– White is the color she wishes to express herself as, because it is something that goes with everything (musically).
– If she was on Super Band she would want to make a band that had violin, guitar, drums, and vocals.


Q & A::
Q: How have you been since your color project?
A: During the 6 months between projects, she had her first solo concert.

Q: What kind of don’t is 늘어진 우리의 연애 (Fade away)?
A: It’s an R-n-B song about a love that’s fading away. It can also be called 늘우연 for short.

Live Performance::
늘어진 우리의 연애 (Fade away)

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