Nunsseop (눈썹)


Nunsseop was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Nunsseop (눈썹) debuted in 2018 under Dominant Music/Warner Music Korea.

– This was his first radio appearance, and he told his parents about it.
– He confessed to being picked on because of his stage name, but not anymore.
– Spotify contacted his company because they wanted to put one of his song on their (Spotify’s) playlist.
– Nunsseop has two jobs right now (Designer, and Musician).
– He usually in the studio playing around, until he has a sudden spark of inspiration. That’s when gets down to business.
– Nunsseop was so nervous and forgot to stand during his live performance even though he practiced standing up.
– He is from Ansan, Korea. He has been living in Seoul for 5 years. He really misses the lamb skewers from home.
– His next achievement is to complete and release his next album.
– Nunsseop decided when he was 20 to pursue music.
– He went to an art school, and is planning to go to graduate school for art as well.
– Nunsseop has applied to participate in the audition show Sign It (collaboration between AOMG and tvN).

nunsseop 1

Q & A::
Q: How did 눈썹 (nunsseop) come about?
A: It means eyebrows in Korean. He was looking for a unique Korean stage name, and the thought about his dark eyebrows. He thought nunsseop fit.

Q: What kind of song is Yeah Yeah Yeah?
A: It’s a chilling at home type of song.

Live Performance::
Yeah Yeah Yeah

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