3YE (써드아이)

3ye at arirang

3YE was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. 3YE (써드아이) debuted in 2019 under GH Entertainment.

Yuji (유지) – Leader, Vocalist
Yurim (유림) – Vocalist
Haeun (하은) – Maknae, Rapper, Vocalist

3ye 1

– Yuji cried at their debut showcase.
– 3YE were previously part of Apple.B (애플비).
– They are in the same company as DJ Benji.
– Somin and BM from Kard are close with Yuji and showed their debut some support.
– Haeun was casted from a dance competition. She liked it so much she decided to pursue it as a career.
– Yurim was originally casted as an actor, and later switched to music.
– Yuji started learning contemporary dance in middle school.
– They are fans of SHINee.
– Haeun’s first dream was to be a stewardess.
– ‘Kissing you’ by SNSD inspired Yuji to become a singer.
– Their role model is Shinhwa. They want to survive as a group for a long time together.

3ye 2

Q & A::
Q: Please explain your team name?
A: It’s means third eye.

Q: What kind of song is DMT (Do ma thing)?
A: It has an addicting Melody, with 808 beats, and deep bass.

Live Performance::
Do ma thing (DMT)

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