Lemma (렘마)

lemma arirang

Lemma was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Lemma (렘마/문성호) debuted in 2018 as a member of the Gr8vattic crew, and not signed to a label.

– He works at an escape room in Hongdae.
– Lemma thinks he is a genius.
– His favorite of all his songs is Be Ok, and he wrote it for himself to listen to when he is going through a hard time.
– Lemma wants to own a dog like cat (a cat with lots of aegyo).
– Currently house hip-hop is his favorite style of hip-hop. In South Korea it us a seasonal style of music heard mostly in the summer time.
– He got into hip-hop during high school. His parents weren’t very pleased.
– Lemma likes make upbeat music that can make listeners feel better.
– He has this very complex excuse for not answering or calling someone. Seoul + Earth = moving so fast I couldn’t call you.
– Lemma believes that the hook has to be good for people to like a song. It is the one part of his songs that must go his way, no compromising.
– He wants to collaborate with Beenzino.
– He doesn’t have a personal YT channel, but he does share a crew channel 샵팔놈들 (GR8VATTIC x HASHTAG).

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Q & A::
Q: How do you get to work with Frmy?
A: Producer Frmy contacted Lemma first to do a song for Frmy’s album. They had never met before, but Lemma decided to go through with the collaboration. Lemma liked the finished product so much he legally stole it.

Q: Where does Lemma come from?
A: It’s a term that he saw in his math book. He thought it sounded pretty, and decided to use it as his stage name.

Q: How did ‘Goodbye’ come about?
A: It is a song saying goodbye to his fans. He wrote it because he has to go back to school, and didn’t know if he had to quit music. He decided to continue doing music even while going to school.

Live Performance::

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