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ENOi was in the Music Access studio for VIP Access with DJ Benji. ENOi debuted in 2019 under Kithewhale.

Raon (라온) – Leader, Vocalist
Hamin (하민) – Vocalist
J.Kid (제이키드) – Vocalist
Dojin (도진) – Rapper
Jinwoo (진우) – Vocalist
Gun (건) – Rapper
Urban (어반) – Vocalist

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– They keep a record of every time they practiced.
– J.Kid can do a pretty good imitation of a motorcycle.
– When they first started dance classes, the teacher said they were like elementary school kids and had lots to improve.
– Raon says it feels like they live in their practice room.
– J.Kid knows some English.
– Gun is better at arm wrestling and soccer, and J.Kid is better at playing games.
– Gun and Jinwoo are in charge of doing the groups laundry.
– Raon removed junk such as quick fix ramen in order to eliminate temptation in order to stay focused on maintaining their fitness.
– They don’t have a fandom name yet.
– Urban says that when disagreement happens they get to talk as a group and talk things out. Sometimes this can take several hours, but a solution is always found.
– J.Kidd has 7 piercings in his ears and he sometimes makes earrings himself. He is also the fashionista of the group.

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Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning of your team name, ENOi?
A: wE caN dO It.

Q: What kind of song is Bloom?
A: Bloom is about the journey from trainee to debut. It features the story of each member.

Q: Plans for the foreseeable future?
A: They are doing a worldwide project called ENOT (wE caN gO There) where they pick a random name from a list of applicants then they go to wherever that person is and perform for them.

Live Performance::

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