Kisses (키세스)

kisses at arirang

Kisses was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From the Stars with DJ Ashley. Kisses (키세스) debuted in 2017 under Dramatic Company.

– She would like to be on Knowing Brothers, a music show, and a show where she tells her life story and teaches people her art.
– Her visit to SoundK was her first time being at a radio station.
– Kisses is from LA, California in The States.
– Her dream has always been to be a singer. In another lifetime maybe a she would be a doctor (only because she loved Grey’s Anatomy).
– Kisses was the kind of kid who participated in talent shows growing up.
– She is a big fan of Dean. If someone remake Painting it she’d want that person to be Dean.
– For her Painting music video she did her own makeup, and styled her outfits.
– She used to follow her mom to concerts.
– Kisses loves to dance, however according to her, she’s not good at it.
– Kisses wants herself to be known as clear, because she wants whatever color her music becomes to shine through her. Example: if Painting is light pink, maybe the next song will be dark red.

kisses pic

Q & A::
Q: How did you pick your stage name?
A: When she was looking for her stage name a song called kisses was the radio. The word kisses stayed in her mind. She was in a car accident that same night, and she thought this will be my stage name.

Q: What kind of song is Painting?
A: It’s a feel good song, saying be happy and moving on. I’m painting in your heart.

Live Performance::
너의 마음 속에 칠 (Painting)

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